Infant Baptism

Our view on infant baptism is that baptismal practice is not clear in the New Testament. There are Scriptures that seem to indicate that adult baptism was the norm and Scriptures that indicate whole households including children were baptised.

Our practice is therefore to baptise both adults and infants. Parents wanting to bring their child for baptism are asked to attend a three week baptism preparation course. These informal courses are run regularly throughout the year and are intended to simply give parents the information they need to make the best decision for their child and their family. You are requested to contact the vicar for more details.

A leaflet is also available explaining the process of having your child baptised and can be obtained from the church, the vicar or the doctors surgery in the village.

Parents are expected to make a commitment to attending the church where their child is baptised.

Currently, infant baptisms are encouraged to be on the third Sunday of the month, which is the all-age service.

For more information about the Church of England’s view of baptism please click here and the different baptism services click here.

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