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Thy Kingdom Come.

Do take one of the resources to help us engage with the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ prayer initiative. Pick them up from the table at the notice boards.

Proposed Youth trip to Soul Survivor Watford’s Saturday

Saturday 19th May, leaving 3:30pm,
taken back home approx. 9:30pm. Need money for MacDonalds and a signed consent form. Further information – Dawn Airey, 01933 667481, or Louise Morton, Tel. 01933 664256,

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The law is changing regarding the holding of personal data. This applies to us as church, so we need to know who holds lists of people’s contact information and other personal information for whatever reason. It may be that you run a rota for refreshments with phone numbers and email addresses or you hold a list of people who attend meetings, like Oddiebodies. Whatever the reason, if you hold a list and I haven’t sent you a Data Protection Audit form, please let me know now. Phone 01933 663778; Email

Failure to get this right could result in hefty fines so we need to be compliant with the law. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Weekly Newsletter Issue 66